Thursday, July 7, 2011

Now and Again

After the phenomenal numbers that watched 'Downton Abbey' it was wonderful to see a new Julian Fellowes work, 'From Time to Time' come on at my local. He has adapted and directed this WW2 ghost story but, as my father dryly pointed out, its territory that has been gone over before and to great effect.

Of course, in such hands it doesn't let you down. The stunning cast includes Maggie Smith and Hugh Bonneville but most importantly for me, the wonderful Alex Etel, of 'Cranford' fame. Older and taller now but with all the leading man appeal he showed as a very young boy.

The movie is full of well known English actors all directed with great delicacy. The sudden appearance of the visitors from another world is quite shocking after Fellowes has lulled us in to a cup of tea and cardigan mood.

There is a real twist in the telling of this tale and several scenes of such beauty that I had to stop myself snivelling. This is a water proof mascara movie but take the kiddies.