Monday, May 31, 2010

Cannes Do

I have watched people drift up and down the red carpet in Cannes for years so I was really thrilled to see some of the children in the 'The Tree' having a great time just a few days ago. They looked wonderful and the director Julie Bertucelli looked as proud as can be. It's not easy to keep your dignity around these children as you can see by the location shot below.

And to cap it all, they are great actors. Calm, inventive and clever.Worse, they are funny and sweet. What's an actor to do?

'The Tree' got a 7 minute standing ovation when it featured as the closing film in the Cannes Festival. The director Julie Bertucelli, has been working flat out since we finished shooting last November and she arrives in Australia this week to see 'The Tree' at the Sydney Film Festival - this Saturday night 5th June at 6.45pm at the State Theatre.

The experience working on this film was one of the best in my life. Everyone was committed to the story and half of us were in love with the Tree itself. Well...I was. Its beautiful branches moved and trembled as if it had a heartbeat. See for yourself...

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